Smartphone apps are tracking your every move

Everyone needs to realize that the incredible power and convenience that comes with a smartphone also comes with a price with respect to privacy.

Keep Safer When You Vacation at Home

If you are looking to stay safe this summer than there is no better place to vacation than at home. Often referred to as a ‘staycation’, staying at home to vacation is probably the safest act you can take if you are concerned about your privacy and security, just as long as you are not buying items on line that is. Just because you are afraid to travel because you might compromise your safety or privacy does not mean that you cannot do or have something special at your own home. According to an article by Forbes, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do at home and in your hometown that are safe. From visiting your local museums to going for a bike ride at the local park to visiting one of the many festivals in and around town vacationing at home can be fun. According to another article, some of the ways that you can have the best staycation ever include: having someone else clean your house, refreshing your bedroom, sharing chores, buying new coffee cups for souvenirs, indulging yourself, going out to dinner, splurging at the grocery store, trying a new wine, deleting your work email from your phone, and taking lots of pictures.

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